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Laborer's International Union of North America (LiUNA) is the most progressive and aggressive Union in North America, representing more than 500,000 working men and women fighting for safe job sites, good wages, and comprehensive benefits.

The International Union of Operating Engineers is the 10th largest union in the AFL-CIO and a recognized leader in organized labor's efforts to improve the standards of living for workers and their families.

Laborers' Local 773 and International Union of Operating Engineers Local 150 is signatory to the National Railroad Agreement, Rail Transportation and Operation Agreement (RTOA). This agreement covers maintenance and construction of Railroad right-of-way and on Railroad spurs to industry in 41 states. This agreement enforces rights under the "Collective Bargaining Agreement", including a method of determining wages, hours, and other working conditions of employment through direct negotiations between the local union and the employer.

The RTOA covers such things as safety, union security, union recognition, working rules, working assignment, hours of work, pension benefits, health & welfare, and grievance procedures.

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