Railroad Training and Education Fund

RTOA Contractors have exclusive access to the free safety training provided by the Railroad Training and Education Fund. As a RTOA Contractor you can be assured that your workforce has access to the best safety training available. RTOA Contractors have access to training for the OSHA 10 and 30 hour courses, along with training for First Aid, CPR AED, Blood Borne Pathogens and others. Safety vests and hardhats are available at no cost to the employer. Employees are eligible for compensation for each half day and full day of training they receive. Below is a brief explanation of the reimbursement policy of training expenses for RTOA Contractors. Note that contractors are only eligible for reimbursement if actual expenses are incurred. All expense reimbursements for any training are subject to approval by the Training Fund.


In-House Training
Training that is conducted or provided by an employer’s staff is considered in-house training. We know our contractors and their safety programs strive to remain on the edge of innovative and attention capturing training. To aid in expenses associated with conducting training the Fund provides a stipend to each RTOA contractor for each bargaining unit employee that successfully completes and passes in-house training.


Industry Specialized Equipment Training
The Railroad Training and Education Fund acknowledges the need for rail contractors to ensure their crew is well versed on the operation of industry specialized equipment. The Fund provides reimbursement of certain expenses for employees who receive industry specialized equipment training.


Owner Required Training
Owner required training is training which is required by a project owner or the customer. The Fund will reimburse an employer an allocated amount for each employee who receives project owner required training that is conducted by an outside vendor.


Online Training
An online training center is provided for the exclusive use of signatory RTOA Contractors and NRC member companies. The Road Worker Protection Training Course is provided free to RTOA Contractors and is available online.


Track Work Training
The Fund has a contract with John Zuspan, the Track Guy to provide training on an as needed basis. Please contact the training fund to receive information about the courses provided or visit his website www.trackguy.com.


To Receive Reimbursement for Training the Fund must receive evidence of actual expenditures, invoices, identity of attendees, detailed description of training rendered and dates the training occurred. A contractor’s employee must pass or be certified to receive reimbursement of expenses for that employee.


"I have been impressed with the comprehensive safety training that the Railroad Training and Education Fund provides for our company. Our workforce now has access to the best safety training available, and better training means a safer workforce."

– Bill Morren, U.S. Trackworks LLC

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